Aqua terra: inside Omega’s spectacular Venice dinner

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Romantic Venice stole the show at Omega's recent Aqua Terra unveiling

Italy's famous floating city is hard to fault on any given day, but when you add the magical ingredients of the Palazzo Pisani Moretta and Omega's new Aqua Terra watches - you can see why it attracted the world's most handsome male models and an Oscar-winning actor.  Last week, Omega hosted an exclusive black-tie event which introduced five new editions of Omega's Seamaster Aqua Terra timepiece.

With special guest and Omega ambassador Eddie Redmayne in attendance alongside Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann and models David Gandy, Jarrod Scott and Oliver Cheshire, guests explored five stunning rooms decorated with Omega Aqua Terra watches. Dining on a menu created by Italian chef Carlo Cracco, it was as an 'amazing" night says Aussie model Jarrod Scott.

"I've travelled to so many places with modelling but I'd never actually been to Venice," he confesses. "When I arrived at the dinner to celebrate the new Aqua Terra collection, the watches looked amazing - the light in the dark room was bouncing colour through the diamonds. The chandeliers and Venetian glass covering the tables was beautiful."

While the formal dress code was welcomed by Jarrod ("I always like the opportunity to dress up and wear black-tie"), his choice of suit won over the man of the night, too. "When I was introduced to Eddie Redmayne, he actually skipped hello and just reached out and felt my tuxedo jacket. 'Man, I have major suit envy right now' he said. 'And that's corduroy too!' "

Scroll through the gallery above to see highlights from the evening. 

Aqua terra: inside Omega’s spectacular Venice dinner (фото 1)

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