Vegas in Sydney? You’ve never had a hotel experience like this

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Thought OTT hotel experiences were mostly confined to places like Sin City? Uh, think again

If you've ever experienced the neon lights, themed hotels and endless rows of poker tables in Las Vegas, you'll know why Americans get their rep for doing everything super sized. And even though their propensity for OTT execution is a running joke among anyone who's travelled to the States, it's rare to find the same commitment to everything big, bold and shouty in Australia.

But a new set of studios at Sydney's The Star certainly makes a case for those why-the-hell-not? vibes that Vegas is famous for. With three private rooms available for activities as broad as gaming, romance and karaoke, Studios at The Star takes your typical hotel suite to the next level. Ideal for functions and the kind of debauchery that only goes on at hens and bucks weekends (don't pretend you don't know what we're talking about), the studios offer sound-proofed walls in a penthouse-style space that houses up to 20 guests. Note: only one couple is permitted to actually sleep in the studio overnight though.

Vegas in Sydney? You’ve never had a hotel experience like this (фото 1)

So which theme should you choose? Dark Romance offers decadence and cosy romance with a lit fireplace, small balcony, four-poster bed and a cavernous bathtub made for sipping champagne in. With limited options for hosting guests, it's at the lighter end of the price scale at $888 a night. A more playful option is the Cyber Punk room, which is set up to host gaming nerds for 24 hours straight thanks to four 65-inch TV screens, in-built Xbox controllers, a VR chamber room, hanging space-egg chairs and - of course - a wet bar for serving high-energy drinks to fuel your sesh. (It's practically built for a tech company's Christmas party...)

Lastly, the Seventies Glam room brings Studio 54-style disco balls, mirrored ceilings, swinging Austin Powers beds and a karaoke corner (with costumes) together into one shiny, glittery space. Kitsch in the best way possible, Seventies Glam is enough to distract you from the casino lights downstairs at The Star... but you'd best remember that there's no windows in this room, so morning may just sneak up on you.

With night rates of $3,000 and $3,500 for the Seventies Glam and Cyber Punk rooms respectively, the studios aren't exactly an every-weekend expense. But shared between friends for a special occasion or as a work function, we can see why true privacy and party-proofed walls comes with its own price tag.  
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Vegas in Sydney? You’ve never had a hotel experience like this (фото 2)

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