Travel Q&A: Sarah & Sebastian debut a sweet 'souvenir' collection


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As the Australian jewellery label launch a capsule, travel-inspired collection, Buro chats to co-founder Sarah Gittoes on her best moments on the fly

As one half of one of Australia's most successful jewellery labels, Sarah Gittoes of Sarah & Sebastian does her fair share of travelling; So much so that she was inspired to launch a collection of miniature, 9k gold charms that each nod to a different international city and an experience, story or cultural cliché of that place.

Here, the Creative Director divluges just a little more on her greatest escapes.

The most moving artwork you've seen overseas
The Torqued Ellipse series by Richard Serra at Dia:Beacon. The scuplture/installation consists of high, warped walls of steel which you can walk around and explore. The vast size of the artwork - combined with the absolute silence of the room - was awe inspiring and very moving.

The best trinket you've found while travelling
During my travels through India, I was amazed by the intricacy and beauty of Indian jewellery. My favourite trinket is a small nose ring I collected which has delicate bead and enamel detailing.

Your secret weapon for long haul flights
I think it's so important to keep moving by walking around and doing stretches - you feel so much better for the duration of the flight and when you land.

The best meal you've ever eaten overseas
The Truffle Pasta at MAMO in NYC. Their entire menu is excellent but I'm a lover of anything with truffles!

The best cocktail you've ever tasted
It was in Berlin that I discovered the Brandy Alexander cocktail which is now one of my all-time favourites.

Your favourite place in the world
It's hard to say as I love travelling and discovering new cultures. However, NYC always feels like a second home as I seem to instantly feel at ease.

Best travel advice
Say "yes" to every opportunity.

Best beach read
I'm really into podcast at the moment and have been religiously listening to BBC's "A History of the World in 100 Objects". It's a facinating series narrated by Neil MacGregor (Director of the British Museum) detailing prominent objects that provide insight into human history.

Secret packing hack
I follow Marie Kondo's advice of using compartments wisely, rolling garments and hiding smaller items inside shoes.

Do you travel in style?
I always dress nicely for the flight, change into loungewear and re-dress into a smart outfit. This way, I feel relaxed when I board, comfortable during the flight, and ready to go when I land.

Craziest experience
During a trip to Cambodia, I travelled to a remote village to meet a family who specialised in stonecarving. I stayed for a few days and learnt how to stone carve in the sweltering heat. This experience was so memorable because not only was this opportunity not offered to tourists but I was invited to stay with the family, too.

Transit lounge playlist
I love the Monster Children iTunes channel and listen to Camille Rowe's guest playliston repeat when I travel and in the SARAH & SEBASTIAN office.

Last place you visited
Paris as part of the 2016 Australian Fashion Chamber showroom.

How many times have you been on a plane this year and where?
Over 30 - I've travelled often internationally for work and then countless domestic flights. It's been a busy year!

Favourite memory
Travelling throughout Vietnam with my mum. She's wonderful and so fun to travel with, plus it was really special to discover a beautiful new culture with her. 

To view the collection, (and learn the meaning of each symbol) click through the gallery above.

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