Top 10: the world's most luxurious nightclubs

Top 10: the world's most luxurious nightclubs

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Where do the world's filthy rich go to play? Sample the lavish lifestyle of the 0.0001% for a night at one of these insanely excessive clubs

Where do you go to rub shoulders with Kate Moss, share the dance floor with Madonna and spy David Beckham at the bar? If you find yourself on the right side of the door at one of these ultra-luxe night clubs, your chances are pretty high. The playground of the fabulously wealthy and famous, these clubs have to be seen to be believed: gold-plated interiors, $100k bar tabs and personalised fireworks displays are just the tip of the glittering iceberg.

So if you're keen to spill your life savings on one night of premium partying and indulge in some serious celeb spotting, here's where to do it. Just don't forget your credit card.

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