Nestled remotely amongst the mountains of Italy, lies the quaint town of Bormida - and the local Mayor wants you to move there. With a population of only 394, the town is looking to boost their local economy, and are even offering gifts worth $3000 to get you there.

Daniele Galliano, the mayor of Bormida, has started a social media campaign to increase popularity includes sharing photos, videos of the charming little village. Already, Bormida has sparked interest from people all over the world including UK, USA, and even Indonesia prospective locals. And in case you're wondering, the town will be getting equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi for any remote workers or keen online shoppers.

"We're a small community but very welcoming. We're high up in a mountain area but also not far from the sea - it's a healthy lifestyle, the air is very clean," explains a local restaurant owner to The Guardian. "Life is simple and natural; we have forests, goats, the church, and plenty of good food.(If you move) life would definitely be free of stress."

Okay, we're packing our bags, ASAP. 

This quaint Italian village wants to pay you to move there