This dreamy destination just scored an out-of-this-world restaurant

This dreamy destination just scored an out-of-this-world restaurant

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Bucket list destination Soneva Fushi in the balmy tropical Maldives has just opened the most dazzling two-storey overwater diner, Out of the Blue

As if we needed yet another reason to visit luxe tropical paradise resort, Soneva Fushi in the Maldives, but when you're blessed with the ultimate location in the middle of the ocean, why not build a restaurant so guests can completely immerse themselves in the out-of-this-world experience?

Soneva Fushi's new dining space, Out of the Blue, has been built directly over the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and offers a shared dining space for a number of their different kitchens. Which means your choice of pizza, salad, grilled meats or seafood, depending on what your taste buds call for that day.

Out of the Blue also hosts an ice cream parlour, fresh salad section where guests can pick the ingredients they want from the organic overwater greenhouse and a cheese room (of course).

Out of the Blue at Soneva Fushi. Image credit: Stevie Mann.

Aside from the all-day diner the two-storey overwater diner offers a number of other exceptional dining options including their 'once upon a table' dinner experience, which caters to just eight lucky guests who will be cooked for by a rotating roster of the world's top chefs.

There's also a dedicated sushi counter called So Hand's On, a teppanyaki table, a Chinese kitchen, a modern Japanese kitchen and for all those perfect sundowners, a bar and cellar.

Add directly to your bucket list.

Out of the Blue is located at the Soneva Fushi resort on the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Maldives.

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