This Airbnb giveaway is truly out of this world

This Airbnb giveaway is truly out of this world

A total eclipse of the heart

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Airbnb is offering a literal once in a lifetime experience, and all it will cost you is 550 characters (or less)

On August 21 across the United States, the earth will be dimmed to a deep dark blue as the moon moves to align perfectly with the sun, leaving nothing but a bright halo of light and a breathtaking sky. Such is a total solar eclipse, an event that happens only once every 99 years in the United States, and Airbnb are offering one lucky person the chance to see it like no other.

Partnering with National Geographic, Airbnb have listed a custom geodesic dome surrounded by an observation deck in the secluded wilderness of Terrebonne, Oregon. The listing is available for one night only on August 20, the night before America's first solar eclipse in 99 years and is completely free of charge.

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Interested applicants must simply answer the following statement in 550 characters or less: "On August 21, 2017, millions of people will come together across the US to experience a rare astronomical event: a total solar eclipse. Tell us why you think this is bringing people together, and why you want to be a part of it."

The lucky winner (and partner) will win a phenomenal stargazing experience joined by noted astrophysicist Dr. Jedidah Isler, a National Geographic Explorer and internationally recognized scholar, who will be there throughout the stay to answer any questions and share insights on the phenomenon at play.

The magic happens the next day, where the winners and a small crew will board a private jet and fly out over the Pacific Ocean and along The Path of Totality (the path of the solar eclipse), becoming one of the very first few people to witness the first moments of the eclipse - an experience that even most astrophysicists and scientists will never get to see.

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The successful applicant must be prepared for close encounters with wildlife and be prepared for a digital detox (wilderness and Wi-Fi do not go hand in hand). The listing also states, "Astrology is the one with the twins and the fish" (get it right people!) so don't expect  to find out about whether or not you will get that new job or fall in love this year.

Unfortunately this competition is only open to US residents, however, Airbnb is continually partnering with brands all over the world to transform iconic spaces into homes for their "A night at" initiative. The holidaying website has previously hosted a night at Dracula's Transylvanian castle, a night at Ellis Island and a night at Red Sox stadium. The competitions run worldwide, so keep an eye out on their website for upcoming once-in-a-lifetime listings. 

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