The new foodie capital of the world isn't where you think

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Why we're vibing on Vegas' food scene right now

It's got the Eiffel Tower, a Venetian canal network and even its own Egyptian Sphinx - take a trip to Vegas and you could easily - after a few champagnes, at least - be fooled into thinking you'd travelled the world.  The city's stand-out menus add to the effect - where else can you sample French chef Alain Ducasse's Michelin-starred cooking one meal (aside from Vegas, an experience only possible in Saint Tropez or London), devour an Italian smorgasbord the next, and wash it all down with a bowl of authentic Japanese ramen downtown?  

That's not to say Vegas doesn't cater to your all-American feast fantasies - yes, there's a Shake Shack, an In-N-Out  Burger and the kind of combo meals you can only find in this particular part of the world (US$5000 burger deal, anyone?). But within the last few years, Las Vegas has cemented itself as a serious foodie destination to be reckoned with, attracting star chefs and more Master Sommeliers than anywhere else in the world. In the gallery above, you'll find just a few of the city's best foodie experiences - diet, be damned.  

The new foodie capital of the world isn't where you think (фото 1)

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