The 15 best places to travel solo

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With solo travelling on the up and up, we select a few choice getaways where you can eat, sleep and explore without worrying about personal safety (or boredom)

If you haven't yet experienced the freedom of travelling solo yet - man, you haven't lived. Sure, extended trips are best left to the truly adventurous (read: backpackers), there really should be nothing stopping you from taking a short sojourn to New York, London, or Singapore, alone, at some point in your life. Why? Just think of the advantages: firstly, you have total carte blanche to make up your own itinerary (no arguments), secondly travelling alone takes you out of your comfort zone, and thirdly, you learn true independence when left to your own devices.  

Far from being something that only fearless people do, the urge to explore on your own is becoming increasingly common. reports that one in four Aussies plan to travel solo for the first time in 2017, with 63% of solo travellers saying they remember their trek better than a first date.

And while we know there are certain places (ahem, the Middle East, parts of Central and South America and Northern Africa) where we would probably avoid heading alone, there's just as many places that are a true sensory wonderland for solo explorers to get immersed in. So, in the gallery above, we've come up with a bucket list of 15 places just to get you started... bon voyage!

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