The 10 most expensive shopping streets in the world

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Shopping spree: your 2017 guide to the top ten luxury shopping streets around the world

Similar to the musings about the digital impact on print media, online stores can be seen to have a detrimental effect on bricks and mortar boutiques; particularly in an age of quick-clicks and 3-hr delivery. Nonetheless, the retail industry remains one of the most dynamic and resilient sectors of the global economy. In an effort to stay one step ahead of the digital giants, stores across the world are renewing and refreshing their shop fronts to create anexperience for shoppers that cannot be mirrored in the screens of the online world, and it's working. A recent study by Cushman & Wakefield looked at the trends in retail from a proprietary perspective and found that despite perceived digital threats, retail rentals have reordered a 0.5 % growth over the year to June. 

The study, titled Main Streets Across The World also ranked locations across the world per their rental value. New York's Fifth Avenue continued to hold its number one title as the most expensive shopping street based on retail value, and even Sydney scored a spot on the list. Click through the gallery above for a top 10 snapshot of the most expensive retail streets in the world  (all figures are per capita per year).

The entire Main Streets Across The World study can be read here

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