From a secret apartment in the heart of Prague to a Rapunzel-style tower (with pool!) in Rome, if you want the trip of a lifetime, THIS is where you should stay

One thing is certain: cookie cutter hotel rooms do not a memorable holiday make. If you want to rest your head somewhere unique to the destination you're in and not in a room that looks exactly the same across all seven continents, you're going to have to look further afield.

For inspiration for your next adventure, we've picked 10 of the quirkier Airbnb offerings in each of 2016's travel hotspots: London, Istanbul, Marrakesh, Paris, Siem Reap, Prague, Rome, Hanoi, New York and Ubud. Scroll the gallery above to find your next getaway - just wait 'til you see the Vietnamese treehouse.

The 10 most eccentric Airbnb listings around the world