Star attraction: The 5 best restaurants in Monaco

Star attraction: The 5 best restaurants in Monaco

The ultimate indulgence

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Michelin stars are a dime a dozen in Monaco

It's not just the celeb-studded streets that are glittering - the French Riviera's famous resort town has more Michelin-star restaurants per square metre than anywhere else in the world. Playground of the rich and famous and with a level of luxury immortalised in films from To Catch a Thief (starring the Princess of Monaco herself), numerous Bond movies and Audrey Tatou's modern classic, Priceless (add it to your list if you haven't seen it already), Monaco is every bit as lavish IRL.

Have a European vacay coming up? For a taste of next-level extravagance, add Monaco to your trip itinerary, pop the Dom Perignon and read on for the dining establishments well worth the splurge - credit card(s) essential.

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