Some like it hot: the best of Australia’s mineral baths

Steamin’ Up

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Winter blues getting you down? Shake off those cobwebs with a blissful plunge into one of Australia's top mineral springs 

Those on the relentless treadmill of 'commute, work, sleep, repeat' will agree - city life can take its toll on your nervous system. You're doing all the right things: eating well, exercising, getting at least 8 hour shut eye and you still feel like you're running on empty.

That's where the magical healing power of Mama Nature steps in to save the day. Getting physical distance from your usual routine, combined with a lung full of fresh country air and being surrounded by flora and fauna: it's a potent cocktail of earthly delights that leaves you feeling nourished rather than depleted.

Add to that mix a leisurely soak in one of Australia's most decadent natural hot springs and you have yourself a heavenly weekend escape. Click through the Gallery to discover the best hot spas to melt away your winter blues. 

Some like it hot: the best of Australia’s mineral baths (фото 1)

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