30 of the sexiest holiday snaps you've ever seen

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Want to know how 30 of the world's hottest models vacation? Hint: it involves lots of skin, sand and raunchy posturing

If you thought your last holiday photos were impressive, think again. When you're an uber-famous bikini model, you've safely got that whole sex hair and summer tan thing on lockdown and your vacay Instagrams are the stuff that #lifeenvy is made of. Granted, it's their job to make frolicking in the sand and surf look like a walk in the park, but we think these winning holiday snaps are a lesson on how to create the most envy inducing Instagrams (as well as how to do island chic without turning into a beach rat - but that's another story).

While it's obvious the bangin' bods in this gallery are the main attraction, note the way composition plays a huge part in these perfectly posed shots. As for emulating the incredible physiques of these models? That's a challenge you'll need to pose to your trainer.

30 of the sexiest holiday snaps you've ever seen (фото 1)

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