25 of the best secret summer escapes in Australia

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Considering our population is less than half of Kim Kardashian's Instagram follower count, there's more than enough sun, sea, sand and land to go around

Summer in Australia can be brutal - in the middle it's searingly hot, way up north there's monsoons (and an influx of things that sting), and in the city, there's a fight to the death happening in every coastal car park. But we are also blessed with amazing untouched landscapes, majestic natural wonders,  fascinating wildlife and a whopping 10,685 beaches, according to Sydney University's Coastal Studies Unit (whose job just sounds awful).

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From the mind-blowing, bubblegum pink lakes of Esperence in Western Australia, to the towering, sandstone cliffs and platypus-filled swimming hole of Carnavon Gorge in Queensland, the breathtaking views of Mount Wellington in Tasmania to the curious seals and turquoise waters of Jurien Bay in Western Australia, here are 25 local destinations worth considering a trip to this summer. Got your own secret spots (and willing to share)? Hit us up on our Facebook or tweet to us @buro247.

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