R.M. Williams and Wolgan Valley: a memorable weekend away

R.M. Williams and Wolgan Valley: a memorable weekend away

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Why the quintessential Australian brand and the ultra-luxurious country resort is a match made in holiday heaven, as Brittany Lane discovers

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is already an exceptionally unique place - It's a 5-star conversation-based resort tucked away in the Blue Mountains, completely surrounded by majestic valley bushland, with native wildlife (literally) on your doorstep. But it's also a proud member of the One&Only family, so expect the highest state of luxury, detail and lavish that comes with the title at the countryside resort (any wonder it was voted Australia's #1 hotel). So what happens when Wolgan Valley teams up with one of Australia's most iconic brands, R.M. Williams? Only the ultimate Australian getaway is created - and trust me when I say the pairing has never been so fitting.  

As Terry Goodear (Head of Heritage for the brand) puts it, R.M. Williams was a man who shared the same love of nature, heritage and environment that is deeply engrained within the Wolgan Valley resort. So when the two are paired, your holiday transforms into a truly enlightening country experience. For Australian and international guests who want to properly understand life in the bush, but without having to sacrifice the luxuries of a 5-star holiday - this is the way to do it. Everything, and I mean everything, is impressively planned out and finely executed to authentically tie the two brands together, creating one hell of a trip. Here are the top R.M. Williams X Wolgan Valley activities to explore:  

Horse trail ride and morning tea led by Terry Goodear

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Fact: R.M. Williams started off making pack saddles - so it only seems natural to start your morning off with an exploration of the Wolgan Valley landscape by horseback. It's by far the best way to see just how immense Wolgan Valley is (7000-acres to be exact), and allows you to explore freely around the hills, creeks, and ridges of the land. Terry Goodear leads the trail ride and accompanies the excursion with some good ole' tales of the bush as you trot along. The ride then caps off with a true-blue Aussie morning tea- we're talking billy cans, bush tucker and campfire-baked damper smack bang in the middle of the mountains. 

'Australian Inspired' degustation dinner

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Submerge yourself with the finest Australian cuisine by indulging in an 'Australian inspired' degustation dinner. The menu is made up of several courses of local produce that is literally sourced within 160kms within the resort's surroundings. Each course is paired with award-winning wines, hand-selected for the particular menu of the evening (the menu changes seasonally). And you get to enjoy each dish with an ambient outlook of the breath taking cliff views from inside the grand dining room. 

Campfire and stargazing experience, hosted by Terry Goodear 

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Once stepping foot out of Sydney, you will already notice how different the night's sky is away from the city scape - and Wolgan Valley's is inparticularly vivid.  During the campfire and stargazing experience, you'll hear bush stories and tales about R.M. Williams himself, followed by an entertaining whip cracking demonstration by Goodear and the Wolgan Valley staff. All of this is accompanied with blankets, hot chocolate (or Port, if that's more your style) and marshmallows in a cosy, campfire setting.  

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