Now you can have first class food in Economy

Now you can have first class food in Economy

Flying high

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Is there anything more depressing than plane food?

We think not. But is there anything more overpriced than a first class flight? Not really (Sydney house prices excepted). Still, we've all felt those pangs of longing as we've turned our backs on the pointy end of the plane and settled in for the long haul with overweight Chad from Texas on one side and a bawling toddler on the other. For at least eight hours, the struggle is real.

Aside from Chad, the two worst things about economy are the lack of space and the awful food. We can't help you out with the former, but the latter you can do about, thanks to luxury Brit brand Fortnum & Mason's new inflight hampers.

The hampers from Fortnum & Mason's Piccadilly store are legendary, filled to the brim with gourmet foodstuffs with the royal seal of approval. Their five new inflight versions are no exception - for between 15 and 50 (AUD$31-$103) you can feast on foie gras, caviar, smoked salmon, figs and dessert. There's a vegetarian option and a smoked fish plate to be shared between two, which includes smoked fish, pickled cucumber, rye bread, caviar, foie gras, a quince, fig and almond wheel, salad, dessert, Napolitan squares and a cheeseboard.

The gourmet meals come complete with Fortnum & Mason cool bags and can be bought from their Heathrow Terminal 5 store - make a mental note for your next Europe trip

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