Mancation, much? 5 epic ideas for boys' weekends away

Mancation, much? 5 epic ideas for boys' weekends away

Guy time

Text: Yeong Sassall

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Whether it's a bucks party, birthday or just an excuse to go fishing, David Smiedt has your next boys' weekend away locked down

We get it: just you and boys - no hair straighteners, no Bachelor/ette, no tact. But you're no longer that seduced by the prospect of the Gold Coast, paintball and the temporary company of women whose job requires a stage name and whose super fund is retrieved from a G-string at the end of the shift. We hear you and destination salvation is at hand.

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1. The Tasmania Whiskey Trail 

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When Tasmania's Sullivans Cove distillery took out the World's Best Single Malt award, it uncorked a raft of boutique operators making genuinely stellar drops just off Australia's mainland. Sullivans itself is worth the trip, but we recommend to take you on an odyssey of three or four separate cellar doors and through 10 single malts - with a designated driver. And just for a lark, the organisers decided to start their own jazz club, the Sixty, where you can sip the night away. Cheers.

2. Paddling the Noosa Everglades

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Often cast into the shade by the Sunshine Coast's beaches, the region's waterways don't get the press they deserve. Which in a way is quite good because you don't have to share them with many other people bar locals. Check out the two-day guided kayak and camping adventure offered by No cell phones, no Facebook, no lattes - just you and your merciless mates in the Cooloola National Park with a professional guide and seriously good food. Cue the Deliverance banjo noises.

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3. Play the world's longest golf course

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This is a story you will tell. For. Ever. Pack the clubs and prepare to yell "roooooaaaaaaad triiiiiiip" because this 18-holes runs 1365 kilometres from Kalgoorlie in WA to Ceduna. Towns and roadhouses - yup - have set up holes along the Eyre Highway and if you don't have your own woods and irons, they can be hired at every venue. Score cards are available at the Ceduna and Kalgoorlie visitors centres. Nowhere else in the world can you do this. Find out more at

4. Dare to scare?

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The Manly Quarantine Station in Manly was where people who were deemed too infectious to enter the colony were detained - and let's just say our standard weren't exactly high. Which means it's reputedly haunted by a bunch off seriously pissed spirits.  Just as well there is a slick ghost tour on offer and accommodation at the newly established QStation Hotel (, slap bang in the middle of Sydney Harbour National Park. Bring along the surfboards or just hire down the road at Manly Beach. Then hit up Ribs and Rumps for a meat-fest.

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5. Up your karma count

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Stay with us here: this may seem a bit out there. What if for your next getaway, you did something for someone that wasn't you. We know it's a lot to get your head around so we'll leave it with you for a bit. Check out the possibilities on offer at which has to date built 140 homes around Australia for people who can only often dream of a weekend away for leisure. The recipients will match your contribution and more, you don't need any handy skills and you will most likely walk away feeling pretty blood good about yourself. It usually takes one in a group to suggest this and others will get on board. What more could you want from a trip?

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