Looking for love? Try hitting up these tourist spots

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Can you guess the world's most romantic tourist destinations?

A journey to some of the world's most stunning travel spots is in itself something to celebrate Instagram, but do you know which of the globe's most popular attractions are the most romantic, Happn hook up-wise? While we'd normally take a stab and guess they'd be in hot-blooded places like Rome, Paris or Barcelona, according to new data released by dating app Happn, the world's top 10 most love-lucky (ie matched) holiday spots are a little more surprising than that... the list even includes a spot in Australia - phew. It's interersting data, given how the app Happn actually works. Users are matched according to how many times they've crossed paths with another Happn user, so it makes finding a match in a travel spot all the more sweet and surprising.     

Click through the gallery above to find out Happn's most 'romantic' tourist spots around the world, in ascending order. 

Looking for love? Try hitting up these tourist spots (фото 1)

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