Jetsetting pets: the crazy luxury animal terminal coming to JFK Airport

Jetsetting pets: the crazy luxury animal terminal coming to JFK Airport

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Changi airport might have a butterfly garden, but New York's JFK is about to beat that big time

Plans for a new $48 million terminal have just been released, with one serious 'sorry, what now?' point of difference: it's being designed exclusively for flyers' pets. The state of the art facility - aptly named ARK - will be the world's first airport terminal for animals and, strangely enough, no expense is being spared.

Pets will be pampered at the architect-designed terminal, which will host over 70,000 animals per year, from cats and dogs in five-star 'suites' from US$100 per night to horses in climate-controlled, hay-filled stalls. Current plans show an expansive bone-shaped pool and flat screen TVs, because stopovers can get sooo boring, you know? Guest pets will also have the option of spa services, salon treatments and a nightly tuck-in service (in their human-size bed, mind you) run by American company Paradise 4 Paws.

Jealous? Owners will be able to watch their pets via webcam - although we're guessing the special mating area they're designating for penguins will be out of bounds. Because humans aren't the only members of the mile high club, apparently. 

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