Is Instagram influencing where we go on holidays?

Is Instagram influencing where we go on holidays?

Do it for the gram

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It turns out a lot of you are booking your holiday based on how ‘Instagramable’ it is…

Between July and August in Australia, an annual human migration takes place. Hundreds of thousands of 18-35 year olds pack their bags and embark on the begrudging 24 hour flight towards European summer. Following a mandatory picture at the airport Departures gate, the yearly voyage is tracked through various Instagram posts and videos that take up approximately 80% of the newsfeed, leaving those left behind with 100% FOMO.

One thing you may notice though is that everyone seems to be travelling to the same places. There's the classic photo under the Eiffel Tower, followed by a trip to the London Eye, finished off with a stunning shot of the Santorini cliffs at sunset. A study conducted through Expedia shows that this is no coincidence, with one in four Australian's admitting that they will visit a destination based on what they had seen from their friends on social media. In fact on a whole, 67% of Australian's are choosing their next holiday destination based on how 'Instagramable' it is.

While it is fair and reasonable to want snaps and memories of your holiday (selfie sticks were basically invented for this), what is most shocking is the motive behind the post.  More than one third (36%) of Aussies admitted to uploading an image with the desire to cause jealously among friends, and the same percentage admitted to posting fake photos of their holiday. 

Expedia travel expert, Lisa Perkovic recommends upcoming travellers take a different route: "Rather than worrying about what your travels look like through a filtered lens, make the most of your holiday by exploring the destination and seeking out different experiences, within that location."

You only get four glorious weeks of annual leave per year, step out of the screen and look beyond the likes. You'll be back in the office looking at another screen before you know it. 

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