Insider guide: eat your way through Byron like a local

Text: Ros Brennan

Making the pilgrimage up to Byron for Splendour? Escape the crowds and venture a little off the well-worn tourist path to discover the local foodie favourites 

A long weekend in Byron Bay with a cohort of your best mates is a rite of passage for every twenty-something Australian. And once you've breathed in a lung of that healing Byron air, it's highly likely you'll succumb to its addictive allure.

Byron exudes a special kind of magic unlike anywhere else in the country. The air is thicker, the foliage is more lush and the misty silhouette of the mountains on the horizon make you feel as if you've stumbled upon a secret paradise. It's no wonder the coastal town has become the adopted home of celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth, Jack Johnson, Gemma Ward and Isabel Lucas. 

There are a few certainties of a weekend away in Byron: you'll spend a sun-drenched day at Wategos beach (nb: at least an hour is spent finding a park at aforementioned beach), you'll brave the rowdy crowds at the Railway Hotel and exclaim in disbelief how every second person looks like a supermodel and, no matter how pristine your accommodation was when you arrived, it'll end up looking like the Big Brother house after a raging Friday night by the time you're done with it.

Another certainty is that you'll quite possibly end up doing the rounds of the same cafes time and time again. In a town boasting with some of the best eateries of any holiday destination in the country, this is sacrilege of the highest order. 

So we've done the ground work for you and rounded up the culinary hidden gems of the Byron Bay region and surrounds. Click through the Gallery and add them to your Byron bucket list pronto.

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