Here’s how to double your annual leave in 2017

Here’s how to double your annual leave in 2017

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A few strategically-placed AL days for that perma-holiday feel

In 2016, Australians across the board used only 15 of their allocated 20 days of Annual Leave (AL), despite a recent poll that suggests most would give up sex and alcohol for a week just to gain one extra holiday day.

With ANZAC day at the end of the week, for example, an AL day taken on the Friday and following Monday means you get a full five days off in total, perfect for a mini break to somewhere nearby like Bali or New Caledonia.

Consult our handy cheat-sheet to extend the life of your 20 days to 42 and get a jump on your getaways (when it comes to flying, early birds get savings).

Australia Day
Annual leave days: Two days (Friday 27th and Monday 30th Jan)
Total break: 5 days
Where: A nearby tropical escape to make the most of the summer sun: Bali or New Caledonia.New Caledonia

Annual leave days: April 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 24th
Total break: 12 days
Where: Paris, in the springtime. There’s a reason people write songs about it.

Queen's Birthday
When: June
Annual leave days: 13th - 16th June
Total break: 9 days
Where: Somewhere warm to beat the winter chill setting in. Think: Hawaii or Fiji.Hawaii

NSW Labour Day
Annual leave days: 27th-29th September
Total break: 6 days
Where: Head to Queenstown, NZ to take advantage of the end of ski season and its inevitable discounts.

Christmas & New Year
Annual leave days: Friday 22nd, Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th and Friday 29th December
Total break: 10 days
Where: Escape the searing heat with a White Christmas in the ski fields of Vail or Aspen.

Head to to make the most of your time off.

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