Hanalei Reponty's Hawaii travel diary


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Model, surfer and social media star, Hanalei Reponty shares her Hawaii hotspots

French born, Tahitian raised and California based blonde bombshell Hanalei Reponty is not a one-trick-pony. Between balancing a modelling career with surfing, the 27 year-old foundered and runs a sustainable swimwear line Abysse, specialising in women's bikinis, wetsuits and active wear made from 100% eco-friendly or recycled materials.

"I felt there was a niche in the market for people like myself that want to support an all eco-conscious brand, making garments for women that are active in the ocean in a chic and timeless way," said Reponty. "I believe that people are looking for better quality products that are not harming the planet, which is why I am very proud that every product Abysse makes is made out of recycled materials."

When it came to shooting the S/S '18 campaign for Abysse; Hawaii seemed to be the perfect fit: "It was the perfect island paradox between town and country, a duality that really represents what Abysse stands for: fashionable, but for people that love the ocean. High end, with a sense of environmental consciousness," explained Reponty.

"The raw beauty is truly equal to none," Reponty says of Hawaii. "The crystal clear water, the endless white sandy beaches, the vibrant green mountains plunging in the ocean, the sense of closeness you feel to mother Nature, the perfect waves. There is a warmth in the islands that makes my soul happy."

Click through the gallery above for a look at the S/S '18 Absysse collection and Hanelai Reponty's Hawaii travel diary. 

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