Great dives: 40 of the world’s most incredible pools

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Text: Noelle Faulkner

Are you feeling the heat? Then let these blue lagoons wash over you, writes Noelle Faulkner

Summer is here, can you feel it? Have you walked outside and been slapped in the face with hot, dry air yet? Are you finding yourself sticking to your chair, using more dry shampoo than usual or regretting your all-black outfit choice? For us, the answer to all of the above is yes. Yes, a thousand times.

This week, we found ourselves dreaming of diving board-laden getaways. Of cool, azure plunge pools. Of doing laps in a forest, in front of a mountain, in the snow or on an island. We dream of deep waters atop a skyscraper, of backstroking under rays of palm-filtered light, of the rockies, the coast and the country, all to the soundtrack of lapping waves spilling to infinity and beyond. We dreamt of it so much that, here, we've rounded up 40 of the most incredibly mind-blowing and wanderlust-inducing pools around the world. Dive right in, add to your bucket list or just click through and cool down.

Great dives: 40 of the world’s most incredible pools (фото 1)

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