Cobble stone streets and cacti filled courtyards: Kowtow founder, Gosia Piatek shares her photographic travel diary of San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a city of cultural sensation; bursting with architectural history, playful pops of pastels and subtle embellishments; it's no wonder Kowtow founder, Gosia Piatek picks the city as a place of research and inspiration. Since finding its roots in 2007, KowTow has grown to become an internationally recognised label with a minimalist and effortless aesthetic, all made with sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

Piatek shares her photographic travel diary from her fashion and cultural trip to San Miguel de Allende in the gallery above. (Photo credit: Gosia Piatek & Pamela Minett)

Gosia Piatek’s San Miguel de Allende travel diary