Cellar doors are so passé, now it’s all about the underwater winery

Cellar doors are so passé, now it’s all about the underwater winery

Drown your sorrows

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If you like wine, sun, sea and jaw-dropping vistas then your next port of call is looking like Croatia, specifically the seaside town of Drače, home to the country’s first underwater winery

That's right, an underwater winery where you can literally drown your sorrows - not that you'd have any sorrows to drown in this stunning, sunny seaside town. While France gets all the glory as the wine lovers version of mecca, Croatia is a quiet achiever of the wine world with a history of producing fine, delicious drops dating back to the Ancient Greek settlers. And in the ultimate mash up of skills and natural resources new winery, Edivo Vina, combines their glorious Croatian seaside location with the art of wine production.

For the adventurous wine lover instead of having to venture down into the depths of a freezing, dark bunker/cellar to get your wine fix, you can don a wetsuit and dive into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, check out the drops on offer before heading up to the surface to enjoy a glass or three of Edivo Vina's wines. What a way to get a drink.

Edivo Vina wine

The underwater winery is in Drače, a town located approximately an hour north of Croatia's capital Dubrovnik, and if diving for drinks is not your thing you can also sample and purchase their wines above ground at the Edivo Wine Bar in town.

As for how storing wine under the sea affects the flavour (no one likes a salty red) - the wines are aged above ground for three months first then stored in special clay jug called an amphorae before being placed underwater for up to two years. To prevent seawater getting in and wine getting out all the bottles are corked with two layers of rubber added for extra sealing protection. Edivo Vina's owners speaking to Condé Nast Traveller said, "The sea provides natural cooling in ideal conditions and the perfect silence underwater improves the quality."

Edivo Vina bottles

And like any good "treasure" buried at the bottom of the sea, the amphorae are locked down in a custom built cage to ensure no drunken fish incidents or stealthy night raids from thirsty wine lovers/diving enthusiasts.

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