Buro city guide: Helsinki

Buro city guide: Helsinki

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Text: Yeong Sassall

The Finnish sure know how to design a great city - here's why Helsinki should be next on your hit list

As the creative director of cult Finnish design brand Marimekko, Anna Teurnell lives and breathes design. So naturally, her favourite food, shopping and tourist haunts are as effortlesssly stylish as her work. 

Top 3 coffee shops

1. Good Life Coffee

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 1)

Amazing artisan coffee in the hip Kallio district of Helsinki.
Kolmas Linja 17,

2. Café Regatta

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 2)

A tiny little cottage at the sea shore with a quirky sense on humour that serves coffee and fresh pastries. You can even barbeque sausages outside if you wish! It feels like you've travelled back 100 years in time when you visit this little hidden gem of Helsinki.
Merikannontie 10,

3. Sis. Deli+Café

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 3)

A lovely little deli in the middle of Helsinki that serves fresh, healthy food and coffee.
Kalevankatu 4,


Top 3 restaurants

1. Seahorse

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 4)

Seahorse is a very classic, Finnish restaurant. Founded in 1934, it has become a staple in Helsinki. The place has almost a Kaurismäki-type of a feel to it and its clientele are very diverse.
Kapteeninkatu 11,   

2. Sushibar + Wine

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 5)

Sushibar + Wine combines amazing, experimental sushi with wines from small wineries and Nordic design. The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming. Many of their dishes are served on Marimekko tableware.
Uudenmaankatu 15,

3. Finnjävel

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 6)

A fine-dining restaurant that uses purely Finnish ingredients and cherishes Finnish cuisine and its traditions. Their approach to tradition is surprising and inspiring.
Eteläranta 16,


Top 3 cocktail bars

1. Runar  

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 7)

A new, relaxed cocktail bar in the heart of Helsinki that serves fantastic, original cocktails. Hotel F6 is located in the same building.
Fabianinkatu 6,

2. Bronda 

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 8)

Bronda is a restaurant and bar with a lovely atmosphere and great food and drinks. It is centrally located and the space is fresh and beautiful. I often pop in for a drink with friends.
Eteläesplanadi 20,

3. Salutorget

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 9)

Salutorget is a restaurant and bar in the historical centre of Helsinki. It's not really a cocktail bar, but I enjoy spending time there with friends and a glass of wine. 
Pohjoisesplanadi 15,


Where to stay

1. Hotel F6

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 10)

I have an apartment in Helsinki, so I do not stay in hotels myself. However, I have heard good things about the new Hotel F6.
Fabianinkatu 6,

2. Hotel Klaus K

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 11)

Bulevardi 2-4,  

3. Hotel Kämp 

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 12)

Hotel Kämp is also one of the most iconic hotels in Helsinki.
Pohjoisesplanadi 29,  

Where to shop for local and international designers

1. TRE

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 13)

The TRE concept store is the latest addition to Helsinki's design shopping scene that opened in August. TRE offers an interesting selection of Finnish design and a small restaurant/café and it is a hot topic among the design crowd at the moment.
Mikonkatu 6,  

2. Artek

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 14)

For me, Artek is definitely one of the most iconic Finnish design brands and it epitomises Finnish functionalistic and inclusive design thinking. Artek opened its new flagship store this spring in Helsinki. The store combines new and vintage Artek pieces together with Vitra classics in a very inspiring way.
Keskuskatu 1,

3. Samuji and Samuji home

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 15)

Samuji is one of the most interesting Finnish brands and known for their timeless yet fun designs. Samuji home is a home-like shop that displays their ready-to-wear and home collections.
Pohjoisesplanadi 37 and Erottajankatu 9 b,

4. Beam

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 16)

One of my favourite multibrand stores in Helsinki with great brands such as Maison Martin Margiela, Acne Studios, Comme des Garcons and Marimekko.

Erottajankatu 15,

5. Onar

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 17)

Onar is a brand founded by Irene Kostas, specialising in high-quality shearling clothes and accessories, leather bags and knitwear. They use only ethically produced shearling and 100% vegetable tanned leather. I dream of having the Vainio hat for the winter.
Erottajankatu 9,

6. Luxbag

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 18)

Luxbag is one of the best places to shop for high-end fashion in Helsinki. The little shop has fantastic staff and a cosy atmosphere.
Pohjoisesplanadi 25,

7. Iittala

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 19)

Another Finnish design icon worth visiting. Iittala creates beautiful objects for the home and one of their latest projects includes a collaboration with Issey Miyake. 
Pohjoisesplanadi 23,

Top 3 museums

1. Kiasma

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 20)

Kiasma is a museum of contemporary art that hosts the most intriguing exhibitions in Helsinki. The architecture of the space is also stunning.
Mannerheiminaukio 2,

2. Design Museum

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 21)

Design Museum is the best place to get to know Finnish design history and to learn about the next big thing from Finland and beyond. 
Korkeavuorenkatu 23,


Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 22)

The Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) is located slightly outside of Helsinki, in the neighbouring city of Espoo. It hosts some of the most interesting exhibitions in Finland.
Ahertajantie 5, Tapiola,


Best places to hangout in winter and summer

Eira and Kaivopuisto districts

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 23)

Helsinki's southern sea shore at Eira and Kaivopuisto is like a living room for the people living in Helsinki. Especially in the summer people go there to enjoy summery weather and walk around with family and friends. There are also lovely little restaurants and cafes along the shore, such as Birgitta and Mattolaituri, as well as a new public sauna/restaurant, Löyly (pictured).


Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 24)

I enjoy strolling in the Punavuori district in southern Helsinki. There are many small boutiques, restaurants and cafes in the area, and the architecture is beautiful.

Marimekko's public fashion show in the Esplanade park 

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 25)

Every year in late May Marimekko arranges an outdoor public fashion show in the centre of Helsinki, in the Esplanadi park. This has become a tradition for the people of Helsinki: the first show was arranged in 1992. It's a lovely way to kick off the summer season with thousands of our friends.

Best view of the city

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 26)

Ravintola Savoy is one of the most iconic restaurants in Helsinki, with a beautiful view over the city. The space was designed by Alvar Aalto and his wife, Aino Aalto in the 1930s and it is still as beautiful as ever.
Eteläesplanadi 14,

Tourist attractions you haven't heard of 

1. Flow festival

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 27)

Flow is an urban festival that combines music, food and culture in a magical August weekend. The festival takes place in central Helsinki and is one of the highlights of the people who live here. Absolutely worth a visit.

2. Salakauppa

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 28)

Salakauppa (secret shop) is a little shop founded by Aamu Song and Johan Olin that sells interesting and unique things they have found on their excursions to old factories around the world.
Postikatu 1,

Insider tip:


Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 29)

Karjalanpiirakka (Karelian pie) is a traditional savory Finnish pasty, (a bit similar to Russian pirogs) that Finns eat with egg butter. The crust is made of rye and the filling is rice porridge. I have grown to like them a lot!

Best places to drop in for an exercise class

I like walking around the city for exercise. Helsinki is full of parks and you are quite close to the seashore wherever you go, so the views are very nice.

Best day spas/beauty

I do not visit spas that often, but I must recommend the Finnish natural SUPERMOOD cosmetics brand, founded by Anne Kukkohovi, they also create edible, topical, and therapeutic beauty products. I enjoy my spa moments at home using these lovely products.

Where to buy homewares

1. Lokal

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 30)

Lokal is a concept store and gallery with independent Finnish art, design and craft.
Annankatu 9,

2. Marimekko flagship store

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 31)

The Mikonkatu store is our flagship store in Helsinki and the first Marimekko store with our new store concept. It offers a holistic view to the Marimekko lifestyle, including ready-to-wear and home items. The store aims at inspiring people to bring joy to their everyday moments.
Mikonkatu 1,

3. Fasaani

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 32)

Fasaani is a great vintage furniture shop in downtown Helsinki. You can often find vintage Artek pieces there, for example, as well as a lot of Finnish glassware and porcelain. The Korkeavuorenkatu street overall is filled with little boutiques and restaurants.
Korkeavuorenkatu 5,

Buro city guide: Helsinki (фото 33)

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