Bonjour! The 14 most stunning French-speaking places to visit

Text: Lucie Clark

Bastille Day has storyline significance not just for the French but pretty much everyone else - who could say non to an "official" day of indulging in sublime soft cheese and French fizz?

When you think about it, the French really have a lot going for them - from the completely knockout gastronomy to the nonchalant way they nail most stylish nation, to their fairytale architecture and a capital city that positively oozes sophistication. There's also the abundant grape situation, which sets the fine wine and champagne-drinking agenda for the rest of the world. Even the language is stunning: everything sounds foxier in French. So it's no wonder a trip to France - or anywhere displaying all good French things - is on everyone's bucket list. And what better way to celebrate French National Day than planning a vacation to a showstopping Frenchified destination?

Scroll through the gallery above for the prettiest French-speaking places to travel to, both in France and around the globe (her stylish reach is strong).

Bonjour! The 14 most stunning French-speaking places to visit (фото 1)

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