Bon voyage: 26 incredible French hotels to dream about

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Nobody does luxury like the French and these hotels are no exception...

France is a country that you can't just visit once; it's one of those places that reveals itself more and more after each subsequent visit. However, like its famous Parisienne It-girls, it somehow remains a slight mystery - forever elusive, always exquisite and endlessly enchanting.

While many are content to fall for the Eiffel Tower, tree-lined boulevards and museums of Paris again and again, we like to think that there's more to France than its bucket list capital. Paris may be the epicentre of cool, but frankly, the entire country is one postcard moment after another - from the dreamy, sun-drenched South to the snow-capped peaks and quaint cabins of the French Alps.

In honour of Bastille Day and our never-ending love-affair with all things Gallic, we take a look at some of the most jaw-dropping French hotels we've ever seen, brought to you by luxury hotel site The Leading Hotels of the World

Bon voyage: 26 incredible French hotels to dream about (фото 1)

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