Blissed out: the top 30 luxury spas around the globe

Ultimate unwind

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Check your stress (and budget) at the door and slip into the sumptuous surrounds of high-thread count robes, essential oils and total relaxation

Unless you were born with the chilled out gene (anyone?), our high-powered, ever-ready 24/7 world is the ultimate Amazing Race. Who can finish first and fastest? We've no clue as to the final prize, but we're fairly certain an interim reward is checking into an über luxe spa set high up on the Alps or overlooking the most beautiful beach in the world to get massaged, facialed and relaxed back into wellness.

From the stunning to the sublime, we present our edit of the 30 most luxurious places to chill out, unwind and indulge in some much needed me time. You deserve it.

Blissed out: the top 30 luxury spas around the globe (фото 1)

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