Bellbot! Now you can stay at a hotel run entirely by robots

Bellbot! Now you can stay at a hotel run entirely by robots

Only in Japan

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It’s not quite Rosie the Robot tucking you in, but this Japanese hotel is as close as it gets

Luggage droids, air-con sensors, humanoids and an English speaking Dinosaur, meet the staff of Japan's latest 5-star robot hotel, at your service. Opening last week in the "Eco-Friendly Future City" Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture, the Henn na Hotel, which loosely translates to the "Strange" hotel (natch), is something of a sci-fi Skynet dream-turned-reality.

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Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a very adorable 58-cm tall Nao robot in the Lobby and are then waved to check in with a very realistic humanoid or, for some reason, if you only speak English, a large bow-tie-wearing Velociraptor.

Bags are then ported via a Star Wars-like bilingual droid to your room, via a facial recognition-powered elevator and room key, where a Kawaii bot named Chu-ri-chan is perched. Chu-ri-chan manages the comfort levels, such as mood lighting, and can organise wake-up calls and weather updates via voice command.  Then there are the roaming robots: a series of little R2-like droids that will give you information on local attractions and events. As for room service? The hotel is currently training up a bunch of large Roomba-esque waiter-bots to shuffle your orders up to your room.  

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With a serious commitment to making the hotel green and eco-friendly, other features include body heat detectors instead of air-conditioning, solar power and ongoing developments to reduce waste and water. Also, instead of a fixed-price room rate, guests can "bid" during peak season. The hotel claims that room rates will range from JPY ($77) for a single room to JPY18,000 ($197), which bidding will be capped at, for a triple room.

This hotel is not a one off either. According to the theme park's President Hideo Sawada, the group, is hoping to build 1,000 more around the world, aiming to eventually have 90 per cent of the properties run by robots.

Does this kind of holiday compute with you? Reserve a room online now. And when you check in, we dare you to ask the Velociraptor for an upgrade.

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