Avoid the crowds: the best secret waterholes in Sydney


Text: Noelle Faulkner

Forget crowded beaches and hellish parking. This summer, discover Sydney's all-natural secret swimming spots.

Every Sydney resident knows that feeling, when the mercury rises and the call to water comes.... But then the thought of crowds and the battle of finding parking comes to mind... and... well it all becomes a bit too hard.  We're lucky enough that Sydney is surrounded by lush rainforests, bushland, creeks, waterfalls and national parks, many of which offer sublime swimming spots made for a warm weather escape. Some might require a little bushwacking (always pack enclosed shoes FYI), but this is Australia and we all know that the tougher the trek, the bigger the reward. So this summer, beat the crowds, go on an adventure and take a dive into one of the many hidden waterholes that surround Sydney. Here's some to get you started... 

Avoid the crowds: the best secret waterholes in Sydney (фото 1)


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