5 last-minute long weekend escapes in Australia

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Angling for a sneaky escape this weekend (or otherwise)? Get on these getaways or bookmark them for another day

Looking forward to the long weekend? Of course you are! Dreary weather aside, it's amazing how the luxury of one extra day manages to kick your R&R into gear. And even if you have to factor in driving and flight time, a three-day break makes it that much easier to scoot off somewhere out of the ordinary, such as a private guesthouse nestled in the hills of Broken Bay or a luxury island retreat on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef.

So if your annual leave days are dwindling and your cortisone levels are skyrocketing, why not book a short getaway to one of these local retreats? The only problem will be which one to choose... good luck with that. 

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