20 luxe getaways in the world’s most scenic spas

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Text: Noelle Faulkner

Cleo Glyde rounds up some of the world's most incredible spa getaways, because sometimes you don’t just need a break; you need a breakthrough... 

A luxury spa getaway amongst idyllic, unspoilt beauty is the ultimate lure for stressed out urbanites ready to unmoor from city stress, deadlines and a full-to-bursting inbox. The life affirming joy of lakes, bays and sparkling sapphire waters in fantasy locales are the antidote, as isolation becomes the new luxury.

Robe luxe rules: from spectacular cliffside villas to alpine retreats; spa menus course correct your diet with gourmet clean eating; face and body treatments are designed to detox and health experts devise customised wellness programs that leave you rejuvenated, with a new lease on life - the ultimate travel souvenir. Step into the screensaver and bliss out  #nofilterrequired.

20 luxe getaways in the world’s most scenic spas (фото 1)

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