11 unbelievable hotels to experience a white Christmas

Text: Lucie Clark

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Your Yuletide wish is our command with our round up of the 11 most incredible snowcapped destination hotels in the world

A dreamy snowcapped Christmas is played out on so many classic Yuletide flicks and on the most followed A-list social media channels, which makes sense, it's the pin-up for a truly festive tinsel time. Cut to December 25 Down Under and instead of eggnog by the crackling open fire, you're faced with a blazing hot day spent with overheated family members, screaming offspring and overcooked turkey, not quite the magical movie reel playing in your head. But it could be. This year, instead of just 'dealing' with December 25 and wishing for a Christmas without a single family member ending up in emergency, escape the norm and live your cashmere-clad, eggnog in hand, snowflake falling fantasy and check directly into a luxury Northern Hemisphere destination hotel. Outsource Christmas lunch to the expert hotel chefs, the wine pouring to the bartender and the pampering to the spa staff for your coolest Yule yet.

From luxe log cabin lodgings in the Swiss Alps to the raw beauty of the Rockie Mountains, we present the 11 most stunning hotels to make your white Christmas dream come true:

11 unbelievable hotels to experience a white Christmas (фото 1)


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