10 destinations to visit before everyone else does

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Dreaming of exotic destinations but don't want to get crushed by the hordes of holiday-makers all hitting that one well-known hot spot? We've got you covered

When you only get 20 days of holiday leave per year, you've got to make every single day, experience and Instagrammable moment count. And sure, you could hit the hot spots that everyone else is visiting and Insta-bragging about like Hawaii, New York and the Greek Islands, but do you really want to stand for hours in a freezing, snow-covered line with 1000 other travellers for a 10 second turn at the top of New York's Empire State Building? Probably not.

Instead, why not use your precious out-of-office time to visit an exotic untapped destination yet to be discovered by the masses?

Travel company has done the research and come up with a list of the top 10 places for Aussies to visit that haven't yet been discovered by everyone else. Scroll through and start planning:

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