The 10 most Instagrammed hotels of 2015 revealed

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Looking to lift your Instagram game? It's all about location, location, location

Where in the world has everyone been this year? Now we know: social media monolith Instagram has crunched the numbers (and no doubt scrolled through millions of questionable selfies) to uncover the world's 10 most 'grammed hotels of this year, based on geotags and hashtags.

The result? A shortlist of some of the most picture-perfect locations the world over. Of course, it's a quantity over quality approach (the masses can't all stay at the Maldives' W Retreat & Spa), but we'd still be happy with a week spent in any of these iconic hotspots. Scroll the gallery above and add to bucket list as you go.

The 10 most Instagrammed hotels of 2015 revealed (фото 1)

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