Your comprehensive guide to the British royal family

Your comprehensive guide to the British royal family

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Who are the current living heirs? What will happen when the Queen dies? What will Meghan Markle’s title be?

With an impending royal wedding on the cards, and the release of The Crown's long awaited second season, there could not be a better time to brush up on your knowledge of the royal family.

Who are the current living heirs to the throne?

The succession to the throne follows the descendants of King George V (Queen Elizabeth II's grandfather); at present the throne succession is as follows:

1.       Charles, Prince of Wales
2.       Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
3.       Prince George of Cambridge
4.       Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
5.       Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry)
6.       Prince Andrew, Duke of York
7.       Princess Beatrice of York
8.       Princess Eugenie of York
9.       Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
10.     James, Viscount Severn

When Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge give birth to their third child next year, he or she will become 5th in line for the throne. If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a baby, their child will be named 7th in line for the throne, after Prince Harry.  

(Source: BBC)

What will happen if Queen Elizabeth II passes away?

Earlier this year, The Guardian published a comprehensive account of what will happen when the Queen of England passes away. "The idea is for nothing to be unforeseen," the article reads, detailing the top-secret plans that will commence following her death. The name of the operation is "London Bridge;" fans of The Crown may recall that her father's (King George VI) operation was called "Hyde Park Corner." Upon death, Queen Elizabeth II's eyes will be closed and Charles, Prince of Wales will immediately be assumed as King - his siblings will kiss his hands. Charles, Prince of Wales will be the oldest person to be crowned in British history. Should he choose to abdicate the title, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge will be next in line as King.

The Queen's private secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt will contact the Prime Minister and say "London Bridge is down." Shortly after, an announcement will go out as a newsflash to the Press Association and the world's media simultaneously. Meanwhile, a footman will emerge from Buckingham Palace and place a notice on the palace gates.

Queen Elizabeth and the three next heirs to the throne; Charles, Prince of Wales; Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; and Prince George of Cambridge.

What will Meghan Markle's title be?

Meghan Markle will not be known as 'Princess Meghan'; under the British monarchy, the title of princess only applied to those who are born into the role (EG, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge). Princess Diana is the exception to this rule, in that Prince Charles was a prince twice over - firstly he was born into the role, then in 1969 he was invested as Prince of Wales, meaning Diana too took his senior title. It is expected that upon marriage, Prince Harry will be named Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, meaning that Meghan's title will be Her Royal Highness Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. 

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