You need to read Gucci’s Chime for Change open letter

You need to read Gucci’s Chime for Change open letter

Let's unite

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“For every girl. Every woman. Everywhere. We fight for our future. Because none of us can move forward if half of us are held back”

In the midst of the choas of Fashion Week's around the world, it's not unusual for fashion to be making headlines. But today, Gucci needs to be recognised for a different type of issue: Chime for Change.

In 2013, the Italian luxury label along with Beyoncé, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek and other A-lister names, launched the initiative to help promote women's rights around the world. Since then, they've teamed up with social organisation Global Citizen and together, are fighting for equality of women as well and tackling poverty issues at the same time.

Today on International Women's Day, Chime for Change and Global Citizen have penned an open letter to express the importance of taking action for gender equality and uniting together to make a revolution. The letter shares some powerful and inspiration words that we think everyone (male or female) needs to read. See the full letter, below:

We have reached a critical moment in history. Recent legislation and  rhetoric have put decades of progress for girls and women at risk.

In 2013, we joined with CHIME FOR CHANGE to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking  out for girls and women around  the world. Today, we find ourselves under threat of seeing  a generation's worth of hard-won  gains reversed.

All over the world, women are on the frontlines fighting for our future. Yet millions of girls and women are still denied basic equal  rights. And  recent policies and  appointments  in the United States  jeopardize its position as a global leader  and  positive role model on human rights.

We stand  together  to say, in a voice louder  than ever, that fighting for gender  equality  is the emergency  and  the opportunity  of our time.

With every generation, our story has spread wider, become more familiar. The voices telling it braver, more powerful. But our story is far from over.

This is about  hearing a call  - to  join us wherever  you are. About  raising  an  alarm  - drawing attention  where there is work to be done.  And about  celebrating - those who are  already showing  us, against impossible  odds, what is possible.

We believe that connection empowers us. That every voice matters. That each one of us is needed to achieve change. We believe we can do extraordinary things when we come together.

We fight for education. For health. For justice. For every girl. Every woman.  Everywhere. We fight for our future. Because none of us can move forward  if  half of us are  held back.

Along with the committee, the letter was also signed from some of Hollywood's biggest heavyweights; like Julia Roberts, Arianna Huffington, Dakota Johnson, Madonna, John Legend, and Freida Pinto.

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