With Hollywood reeling over the horrifying scale of sexual harassment Harvey Weinstein perpetrated for years and to an unbelievably large number of women, actress Alyssa Milano launched the #MeToo campaign on Twitter urging people to speak up about sexual harassment. The campaign has gone viral and over in France a similar campaign has been launched which has caught the eye of French lawmakers.

The New York Times reports last week journalist Sandra Muller took to Twitter to recount her own experience of sexual harassment at the hands of a French executive. She used the hashtag #BalanceTonPorc which translates to 'expose your pig' and since then, according to the article, "..tens of thousands of French women had heeded that call, posting disturbing accounts of sexual harassment and abuse."

The French government has taken notice of this powerful social media campaign and is according to The New York Times considering "proposals... to fine men for aggressive catcalling or lecherous behaviour toward women in public."

The article further reports that France's junior minister for gender equality, Marlène Schiappa said, "...the government was considering precisely how to define street harassment and how much to fine."  It's about time.

Wolf-whistling and catcalling could soon be banned in France