Two Aussie students have been shot in New Orleans

Two Aussie students have been shot in New Orleans


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Two young men from Western Australia were shot in New Orleans after trying to buy drugs

Aged 21 and 23, the men are students of Curtin University's WA School of Mines who were on holidays in New Orleans after competing in the 38th Intercollegiate Mining Games in Montana. After heading to the West Bank area to score drugs at around 4.15am on Wednesday morning, a misunderstanding occurred, and one of the men was shot in the stomach and the other in chest. Both men, identified as Toben Clements and Jake Rovacsekare, are in hospital and reported to be in a stable condition.

New Orleans police confirmed the details in the following statement:

"According to the victims, ages 21 and 23, they were inside of a bar in the 500 block of Bourbon Street when they approached an unknown black male and requested to purchase drugs from him. The victims told detectives that they then left the bar and followed the subject to a four door dark-coloured sedan, where an unknown male driver was waiting inside.

The driver took the two victims toward Algiers and along the way, he told them that it would cost several hundred dollars to purchase drugs. The victims told the driver they did not have the money available. When they arrived at LB Landry Avenue and Shepard Street, the pair said they exited the vehicle and were approached by another unknown male who demanded their money. When they told him they didn't have it, the unknown male shot them both and then jumped in the vehicle with the unknown driver and fled the scene.

Based on the initial investigation, detectives believe a total of three suspects were involved in the incident."

Two Aussie students have been shot in New Orleans (фото 1)

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