Travelling to the US? Read this before you reach for a soda

Travelling to the US? Read this before you reach for a soda

Sugar cap

Text: Lucie Clark

An additional five US locations have passed the so-called ‘soda tax’ making it pricier to drink yourself into a sugar coma

Americans love their soda, if you think about, what celeb or regular Joe Insta feed doesn't feature a Big Gulp or soda bottle either in-hand or in the background? It's everywhere. It's basically the unofficial national drink. But years and years of everyone from toddlers to retirees mainlining sugar-laden beverages is proving too devastating to the nations' health to continue. More and more evidence is emerging linking consumption of sugar-laden beverages to the growing obesity epidemic. Plus there are the not-so-small health matters of what sucking back all that sugar is doing to your dental and the chance of developing diabetes.

Similar to tobacco taxes, which were introduced as a way to price people out of smoking and into getting healthy, the soda tax is like a state-sponsored weight loss incentive scheme and more cities are jumping on the healthy-diet bandwagon. With an additional five locations passing the tax, the US cities where your soda will now cost more include: Boulder Colorado, San Francisco Calif., Oakland Calif., Albany Calif, Cook County Illinois, Berkeley Calif., and Philadelphia Pennsylvania. On the global soft drink scene, Mexico, France, Hungary, Ireland and the UK also have measures in place discouraging downing soft drinks and according to reports it's actually working - increasing the price does decrease consumption. No news on whether Australia will intro similar soft drink taxes but doing the maths, it does all add up to a compelling case for switching to cactus water.

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