TIME magazine’s Person of the Year is not a person, but a movement

TIME magazine’s Person of the Year is not a person, but a movement


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TIME magazine’s Person of the Year is The Silence Breakers: the people who spoke out about sexual harassment and the figureheads of the #MeToo movement

TIME magazine has announced its Person of the Year, only it's not a person, it's a movement. Sparked by the #MeToo campaign, The Silence Breakers has been named as 2017's most influential figure. Public allegations of sexual misconduct from influential figureheads flooded our newsfeeds in disappointing regularity throughout the latter half of 2017. The Silence Breakers are those women (and men) who spoke out, creating a foundation of solidarity for millions of other people to come forward with their own stories. This is not the first time a movement or group of people have received the title; in 1993 the Person of The Year was The Peacemakers, and likewise The Whistleblowers in 2002, and let's not forget in 2006, when the Person of the Year was You.

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The magazine's 2017 cover features Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler, Visa lobbyist Adama Iwu and Mexican agricultural worker Isabel Pascual; all women who can be seen as figureheads of the movement against sexual harassment. The final person who appears on the cover's face cannot be seen, representing all those who are not yet able to come forward and reveal their identities. The cover reveal took place on USA's TODAY show, which is particularly impactful considering the program's host Matt Lauer was recently fired after allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

The full article includes interviews from Alyssa Milano whose single tweet sparked the #MeToo movement across social media, Taylor Swift who countersued her abuser for a symbolic $1 and Ashely Judd who was the first women to speak out publicly against Harvey Weinstein in October this year; as well as dozens of other women who have come forwards sharing their experiences with sexual harassment.

The reveal from TIME magazine echoes Facebook data that was released yesterday, showing that International Women's Day and the #MeToo campaign were the most talked about topics on the social media platform in 2017.  

While there is still so much to be done in the movement against gender-specific harassment, the gratification from TIME proves that the world is listening. Read the full article here

TIME magazine’s Person of the Year is not a person, but a movement (фото 1)

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