Tiffany & Co. is now beautifying your home

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Tiffany & Co. has moved beyond your jewellery box and into your home

"Nothing should be only beautiful, or nice or functional," says Tiffany & Co.'s chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff. "There has to be an idea, a story that makes it something greater than simply what it is." It's this very notion that has propelled the designer to create a luxury collection of Tiffany homewares rendered in the brand's unmistakeable sterling silver.

Ranging from the ultra-practical (vases and bottle openers) to the whimsical (a coffee can that doubles as a pot plant, a piggy bank) and unique (a first aid box, a silver bird's nest with a love bird); the Tiffany home collection takes ordinary objects and spins them into something luxe and collectible. "I think what makes the collection unique is that it incorporates the best quality, craftsmanship and design with a level of functionality that allows you to use these things every day," says Krakoff. Indeed, the brand's collection marks a move from jewellery into newer categories like perfume, which was also launched this year. 

While many certainly resemble everyday objects like tin cans, balls of wool and drinking straws, they're certainly not disposable. Designed to be the kind of keepsake passed from generation to generation, the Tiffany & Co. Home & Accessories collection is perfect for gifting hard-to-impress people. And it arrives right in time for Christmas.   

The collection is available from now. And from November 9-December 15, there will also be a Home & Accessories shop within Tiffany's Collins Street store in Melbourne. 

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