From the gilded halls of Kensington Palace to the star spangled Hollywood Hills, mental health is a topic that doesn't care what your post code or pay packet is. Which is exactly why Prince William and Lady Gaga teamed up to FaceTime. Both are working to raise awareness of mental health with the aim to get people talking about this very important issue that affecting so many people.

Lady Gaga wrote an open letter late last year on her Born This Way Foundation site revealing her struggle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how she felt such shame in experiencing negative feelings when she was blessed with - from the outside -  an exceptional life. Gaga has said that changing her mental health changed her life.  As for Prince William, the cause is very close to his heart - his brother Prince Harry recently opened about his struggle with mental health after the death of their beloved mum, Princess Diana. Prince William along with his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and his brother Prince Harry have recently founded a mental health charity called Heads Together. This FaceTime team up is the latest move for their charity and in support of the #Oktosay campaign.

Watch Prince William and Lady Gaga's FaceTime chat here:

This royal and rockstar’s FaceTime chat is the best thing you’ll see today