This one thing could be ruining your relationship

This one thing could be ruining your relationship

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Hate it when your BF/GF is glued to their phone? A new study has labelled it a major relationship risk

We've all been there: sitting across the table from your boyfriend/girlfriend/tinder date, watching in disbelief as they continue to scroll through their Instagram feed, answer an email, or tune into Snapchat, when they're supposed to be giving you their undivided attention. We are not amused.

A new study from the University of Arizona backs us up: researchers set out to test "whether smartphone use and smartphone dependency affects the health of romantic relationships among college-aged adults" and their findings suggest a big, fat YES. "Results reveal that participants' smartphone dependency is significantly linked to relationship uncertainty, while partners' perceived smartphone dependency predicts less relationship satisfaction," the study found. So yes - your boyfriend's Clash of Clans addiction is a break-up worthy offense.

Study author Matthew Lapiere broke it down for US Men's Health, saying the tell-tale sign of a smartphone addiction is when you keep scrolling even when you shouldn't be - say at dinner, during a conversation or - how's this for a deal-breaker - during sex. According to a similar study by the University of Virginia, one in 10 people are guilty of checking their phone in the act. Now that's really going to create relationship tension.

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