This EPIC sports news confirms Paris is not just a pretty face

This EPIC sports news confirms Paris is not just a pretty face

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Pretty Paris has many labels including most romantic, global fashion capital, haute foodie haunt and with this news it can add MAJOR sports destination to the list

And the winner is... Paris! France's iconic capital has played the winning hand to host the Olympic Games in 2024 after its only remaining rival, Los Angeles, agreed to drop their 2024 bid in return for securing the 2028 Games instead. The hotly contested hosting duties are pretty much set in stone with official confirmation expected from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after a meeting to be held in Peru in September this year.

The 2024 Games originally had a number of cities in the running including Budapest, Hamburg, Rome and Boston, but everyone dropped out until there were two: Paris and LA. In a clever long-game strategy play - using skills no doubt picked up from years spent wheeling and dealing in the entertainment business boardroom - Tinseltown agreed to let Paris have the 2024 date only if they could secure the 2028 games. The IOC said yes.

And they got a bonus for it. According to the Financial Times, "For agreeing to wait, the IOC has agreed to advance funds to Los Angeles, based on the estimated value of sponsorship and marketing deals for the event." Typically the host city doesn't receive sponsorship and marketing dollars from the IOC until closer to the games, but Los Angeles played the money game and won, securing the Games and funds in one masterstroke power move.

Both Paris and Los Angeles have hosted the Games twice before - Paris played host to the second summer Olympics games in 1900 and the eighth in 1924, Los Angeles the tenth in 1932 and the twenty-third in 1984 - translating to safe hands for this spectacular sporting event.

On a sartorial note, the competing countries team uniforms are always a highlight of the Games with noted designers like Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Armani, H&M and Christian Louboutin designing for their hometown teams. So setting the Games in the world's fashion capital Paris will surely translate to each country bringing all-star athletic talent clad in the coolest kit their designers can weave. 

This EPIC sports news confirms Paris is not just a pretty face (фото 1)

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