When the man with a 50/50 chance of becoming the most powerful person in the world says he'll sue anyone who claims they were sexually assaulted by him (at last count, there were at least 10), as a woman, you're going to feel a little stressed. Especially in light of more and more evidence of just how deep-seated Donald Trump's misogyny actually is.

So the recent reports by American psychologists are, sadly, unsurprising. NY Mag's The Cut reports that the election is dredging up memories of sexual and physical abuse for women across the country - and quite possibly across the globe. They're also experiencing anxiety about what a Trump victory would mean for them and their daughters.

The US election is damaging women's mental health, experts say

"Women whom I have seen for years are only now bringing up physical and sexual trauma from their past," psychotherapist Melissa Lester Olson told Time. "More than one client of mine has talked of phsyical nausea that they relate directly to current political happenings."

"Once the videotape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush... came out, it had great impact," counsellor Joanna Ford says. "For women who are not feeling safe to begin with, this can trigger serious feelings of insecurity and fear."

An October 2016 survey found that 52 per cent of Americans are feeling significantly stressed by the election. With the election on November 8, we have a feeling that number is climbing higher by the second.

The US election is damaging women's mental health, experts say