The Upper East Side has come to Bondi

The Upper East Side has come to Bondi

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A new dining experience has come to Bondi, just in time for the silly season

There is no real reason to leave 'God's country' AKA Bondi Beach. A self-described 'bubble', if you are #blessed enough to live in or around the eastern beach you will know that just about everything you need is (for the most part) walking distance away.  And now, another reason to stay local has just popped up and it sits right on the corner of O'Brien and Hall Street.

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The Upper East Side is Bondi's newest eatery, bringing tropical island vibes to the east. Despite what it's Gossip Girl-esque name suggests, The Upper East Side offers relaxed informal dining with contemporary Australian flare. The seasonal menu has been fronted by Head Chef Jason Dean; think Bloody Mary Tempura Oysters and Smoked Fish Finger Milk Bun Sliders with Lettuce & Rosemary Mayo. Things start to get real interesting when it comes to the cocktail menu. Expect bold, experimental drinks such as the Voodoo Punch, a mix featuring three types of rum with hints of apricot cherry, lime and grapefruit or The Upper East Side Colada, a beachside escape in a drink with Havana Especial rum, coconut puree, lime, pineapple and Blu Curacao.

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Throughout the day, The Upper East Side is a beautifully sun-drenched oasis; by night the venue is transformed into a twinkling retreat with a starry canopy of fairy lights overhead. Live music fills the venue throughout the week, with DJ's entering the scene on weekends.

The Upper East Side is located at 14-16 O'Brien Street Bondi (on the corner of Hall Street).

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